BigPay is a free money app that comes with a card you can use anywhere in the world. It gives you the best exchange rates, and it helps you budget by tracking all your spendings.

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Why people love BigPay

Steven Sudarwi

Cool app. I like the international remittance service the best.

Amilah Che Hashim

Using this app mainly for track spending and topup. So far so good. Like the design.


Easy and user friendly. I used BigPay card overseas, and had no problem at all. Acceptable everywhere. Now I don't need to bring my banks atm card.

Tired of digging through bank statements to see where your money is going? With BigPay’s analytics, it’s all on one screen. The app tracks and categorises all your expenses, so you can see how your budget is doing. 

Your finances in one picture

Your BigPay card can also be used anywhere in the world, online or offline. But that’s not all. Make local or international bank transfers from your phone. Send money to your friends or split the bill in a few taps. It’s super easy.

BigPay is good for all your payments

If you’re about to travel, getting a BigPay card is your next best decision. Say goodbye to money changers: the BigPay card gives you real exchange rates, anywhere in the world. On top of that, you earn BIG Points on every payment!

BigPay is a traveller's best friend


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