Important information

Your AirAsia ezpay card has been terminated pursuant to our decommission exercise for all AirAsia ezpay card products and a cheque for the remaining balance in your card account was issued to your registered address recorded with us.


You are reminded to deposit your cheque soonest before the expiry date of the cheque failing which the unclaimed balances will be subjected to the requirements under the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965.

If you  have any questions or are unable to locate your cheque, please email and include the following:


Email subject: Decommission AirAsia ezpay cheque refund

Full name:

NRIC/passport number:

Cheque No(if available):

AirAsia ezpay card number:

Do you have BigPay:
Bank name (Malaysian bank account only):

Account number:

Please provide further details especially if you are not able to locate your cheque:


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