The banking system we have today is almost the same as the one we had in the Middle Ages. It’s absurd. At BigPay, we got back to the basics of banking, and we’re redefining how it can make use of new technologies to bring its core utility back to people.

Better than a bank,

never at a bank

We’re bringing banking into

the 21st century

In this emerging world, there is no place for a system burdened by legacy, where payments regulation are ruled by consensus and point-of-sale architecture is a decade behind the rest of the world. It’s time to remove this embedded friction by showing people that they deserve better, and that this better already exists. Banking needs to be stripped down to its core utility principles, and re-built from the ground up.


We are bringing fair financial services to South East Asia, where banks have failed to bring to consumers what they have the right to. Our goal is to solve real world money problems for millions of people by empowering them and providing a simple interface for users to send, receive and track their money. No fees, no friction and no bullshit - both for the unbanked and the underbanked.

Our Core Pillars

We’re regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. We take your account’s safety and security very seriously.
Everybody should have access to fair financial services, in all transparency and with no hidden fees.
Your problems are our problems, as it should be. We strive to answer questions as fast and as best we can.

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