The ultimate guide to how scams happen and how to keep your BigPay money safe

In summary:

  • There has been no data leak from BigPay

  • Scammers and fraudsters cannot access your money or account even if they know your full name, number and date of birth

  • Scammers and fraudsters can ONLY access your BigPay money or account if you share your OTP with them

  • NEVER share your OTP. Use it only for BigPay transactions and your money is safe!

Over the past months, we’ve seen an uptake of frauds, scams and security issues affecting BigPay customers.

(Here’s an example of how scammers are tricking BigPay users)

Many BigPay customers are worried – and rightly so.

That’s why we’ve decided to talk about this as openly as possible.

So here are a few myths, truths and behind the scenes of what’s really happening with BigPay frauds and scams, why it is happening and what both BigPay and you can do about it.

MYTH: BigPay’s database of user IDs and numbers have been leaked

TRUTH: BigPay’s database is 100% guarded and secured against any leak or breach by scammers, fraudsters of hackers.

So, how do scammers gain access to phone numbers?

  • There are both legal and illegal businesses selling consumer data, particularly telephone numbers. If you’ve given or key-ed in your mobile number somewhere (think an online store, even the registration book when you visit premises during MCO), your number is available to be sold to willing buyers (mostly telemarketing companies, occasionally to scammers). BigPay does not purchase, sell or exchange any of its customers’ data to anyone – it is not just against the founding principles of BigPay, it is unlawful and will result in severe legal action.

  • Scammers have turned to technology to scrape as much data as possible from LinkedIn and Facebook using advanced growth hacking techniques

  • They also pay people to take screenshots of phone numbers in large WhatsApp groups and target these numbers!

Note: This impacts all e-wallets and financial institutions, not just BigPay.

MYTH: BigPay lets the authorities handle security issues

TRUTH: BigPay’s security team is working around the clock to report scammers and evolve our security systems to fight fraud

We take your security seriously. In fact, we have dedicated teams who are constantly fighting against scammers. Here are a few snippets of what we do to strengthen BigPay’s security:

  • We are systematically initiating efforts to take down any website or social media page that’s impersonating us

  • We report to authorities on the WhatsApp numbers used by scammers - unfortunately, anyone can create a WhatsApp business account to look more legitimate (BigPay does not have an official WhatsApp Business account and does not engage customers on WhatsApp)

Scammers impersonating BigPay WhatsApp

(Example of a scammer impersonating BigPay on WhatsApp)

  • We are training our machine learning system to flag and recognise fraudulent behaviours, allowing us to protect vulnerable users before anything happens

  • Our algorithm is becoming better every day at catching scammers early, and we are systematically banning scammers’ BigPay accounts

  • We have strengthened the password reset requirements by adding two-factor authentication, with all existing features being constantly worked on to protect our users

MYTH: BigPay refuses to help customers when scams happen

TRUTH: If you share your OTP with a scammer, there is little BigPay can do to stop scammers from accessing your money at that moment

Even if they know your full name, mobile number, address and date of birth, scammers and fraudsters cannot access your BigPay money or account.

However, if you give away your OTP, your money is immediately at risk.

While we can freeze any transactions from happening if you alert us, chances are, your money will have been quickly transferred out once you share your OTP.

So, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to scams:

  • No BigPay employee will ever ask for your OTP or PIN, under any circumstances

BigPay reminding customers not to share OTP

(Example of an OTP that includes this warning from BigPay)

  • Anyone posing as a BigPay staff on social media, WhatsApp, or any other website that is not is a scammer and should be reported

  • We will never randomly call you or WhatsApp you to give you a prize

Here’s what BigPay is doing to keep your money safe

  • Constant reminders - when we detect unusual behaviour on your account, we’ll send you a push notification, an SMS or an email to remind you of never giving your OTP

BigPay OTP reminder sms
  • Freezing your account - if it seems serious enough, we’ll proactively freeze your account to guarantee the safety of your account

BigPay freezing account to prevent fraud

(Example of BigPay’s systems taking the necessary step of blocking cards)

  • Multiple authentication levels - to log into your account, you need your passcode, an OTP sent to your registered phone number and even Touch ID, Face ID & Face Unlock

  • Give you the ability to freeze your card immediately - lost your card or see a suspicious payment? Just freeze it and chat with us (Settings > Support > Chat with us)

  • 3D Secure - when you pay on a website, you will need to fill in your card details, your CVV and key in an OTP that we send to your mobile

  • Constant reminders - we remind all our users on the app at least once a week!

BigPay app reminders to never share OTP

(Here’s what all BigPay users will see regularly on their BigPay app)

Security measures start from us but ends with you

While we’ve taken plenty of measures, and are still working on toughening up our security against fraud, scammers are still operating because BigPay users are still falling for it.

That’s why it’s key for you to never share your OTP. Ever.

If the battle against scammers is fought from both BigPay’s end and through your vigilance, they’ll realise that it’ll simply have no returns and will stop harassing you for your OTP!

For more info on how BigPay keeps your money safe, read this!

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