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January 2018

1. What is this product about?

The BigPay prepaid card (“BigPay Card”) is a stored-value prepaid payment card that is preloaded with funds by you the Cardmember, and can be used like a normal credit card or debit card. The value will be deducted from the amount stored in the Card whenever purchases are made. You are required to pre-load the Card before making any online or retail transactions or cash withdrawals at the ATM. The Card works together with a companion mobile application (“BigPay Mobile App”).

It is a safe and cost-effective alternative to carrying cash and controlling your expenses because you can never spend more than the money you have in the Card and the Card is not linked to your Bank account. You can further monitor all your transactions, check your balance, top up and manage your Card and account (including blocking your Card) via the Mobile App.

2. What are the features of this card?

• RM10,000 (or RM1,500) as approved by us for you (“Card Limit”) * you must upload your personal documents via the Mobile App (including but not limited to, personal identification documents)

• Accepted by more than 35.9 million MasterCard merchants worldwide

• Cash withdrawal at over 2 million MasterCard accepted ATMs

• Gain exclusive access to AirAsia sales

• Enjoy zero processing fee for flight bookings made via

• No interest and no late charges

• Fund exposure is limited to the funds pre-loaded into the Card

3. What are the fees and charges I have to pay?


Joining Fee

RM10.00 refundable upon a minimum top-up of RM20.00

Annual Fee

Waived unconditionally

Account Service Fee

RM2.50 per month for inactive account where there is no card transaction in a particular month

Waived until further notice

ATM Withdrawal Fee

Local: RM6.00 per transaction

Overseas: RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher

(NOTE: For overseas, only RM10.00 will be charged until further notice)

Currency Conversion Fee

(Applied when the purchase is effected in currencies other than Malaysian Ringgit)

1% + network charges

(NOTE: Only charges by the network will be applied until further notice)

Cross-Border Transaction Fee

(Applied when the purchase is through merchant acquired outside of Malaysia but charged in Malaysian Ringgit)

Waived until further notice

Replacement Card Fee

(Only applicable for Card replacement request made by Cardmember. Not applicable if due to defect of Chip or Card)

RM20.00 per Card

Card Cancellation Fee


No Card to Card transfer fees

Sales Draft Retrieval Fee


Reload/Top-up Charges (Reload charges are levied by our respective partners)


1. CREDIT CARDS – Rate levied by respective bank partners

2. DEBIT CARDS – Rate levied by respective bank partners

*Note: All Fees and Charges are subject to 0% GST Charge effective 1st June 2018 onwards.

4. What are the key terms of this product/ What are my obligations?*

• Apply for the Card through the BigPay Mobile App. Available on Apple iOS and Android. The Mobile App comes with touch ID and passcode security

• Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen, permanent resident or a foreigner legitimately residing or gainfully employed pursuant to a working visa in Malaysia with a valid mailing address in Malaysia

• Applicant must be minimum 18 years old

• Applicant must provide a valid mailing address in Malaysia (no P.O. Box addresses)

• No income document is required during application

• To provide personal identification documents and any other documents (including income and utility documents) that may be required by BigPay Malaysia from time to time

• The Cardmember must only activate his/her Card upon receipt

• All Cards are Chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) enabled. You must create a 6-digit PIN via the BigPay Mobile App and you must use this PIN when you make purchases at Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, without the need for signature

• Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not write your PIN on the Card or keep it together with the Card

• The Cardmember must exercise all reasonable precaution to prevent loss and theft of the Card or disclosure of the PIN to any unauthorized person

• In the event of disclosure of your PIN to any unauthorized person or the unauthorized use of your Card or your Card is lost or stolen, you must immediately call our Customer Care hotline to block your Card Account or you may immediately block the use of your card yourself by selecting the “Freeze” function on the BigPay Mobile App

• The Cardmember shall not allow or empower any third party to use the Card and cannot transfer or relinquish control or ownership of Card or use it for purposes which are not authorized by BigPay Malaysia

• The Cardmember is responsible for ensuring sufficient funds in the account (i.e. available balance) before effecting any transactions with the Card

• The Cardmember cannot load or top up funds in excess of the purse limit (Card Limit) that has been stipulated for the Card and approved by us for you

• Each Card has a maximum Card Limit as approved by us. Your Card usage and top-up is limited to the maximum Card Limit allowed for your Card

• You cannot top-up your Card in excess of the maximum Card Limit which has been stipulated and approved by us for your Card. We shall not be responsible or held liable for any disputes (or loss) in relation to any excess funds if you attempt, have attempted or actually topped-up in excess of the maximum Card Limit, and we reserve the right to take any action that we may deem necessary, including blocking, suspending and/or terminating and cancelling your Card if we find you have persistently attempted to do so, despite the Card Limits stipulated for the Card. Note that even if you have topped up your Card Account in excess of the Card Limit, you can still only transact and use the Card up to the maximum of the Card Limit that we have approved for you.

• Notwithstanding and irrespective of the above, we reiterate and remind you that you can only reload and top up your Card subject to the maximum Card Limit(s) that have been stipulated, approved and/or imposed by us, and we reserve the right to take any action as we deem necessary or even terminate and cancel your Card in relation to contravention of the same

• You must not use the Card to purchase illegal goods or services or to use it for any unlawful and/or fraudulent activities. You must only use the Card strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions governing the Card
• You must check your account statement from time to time to ensure transactions performed are correct

• In the event that you become aware of any error, exception, dispute or unauthorized transaction in the transaction history, you shall inform BigPay Malaysia in writing within forty (40) days from the date of the transaction, failing which the transaction history shall be deemed true, complete and accurate, and you shall then be deemed to have accepted the entries in the transaction history made up to the date of the last entry in the transaction history as final and conclusive

• In the event of any disputes, you agree and are obliged to settle all disputes directly with the transaction merchant who honored your Card or the member institution of MasterCard concerned and you shall pay us all amounts required under the terms and conditions governing the Card despite such disputes

• Upon termination (whether by BigPay Malaysia or you) of your Card, the balance of funds on the Card Account (if any) shall be (subject to approval by BigPay Malaysia) refunded to you, the Cardmember (less any applicable fees and charges) after fourteen (14) business days from the said termination subject to confirmation provided to BigPay Malaysia by the Cardmember of his or her valid and current mailing address. No refunds will be processed for Cards which have been blocked and/or terminated due to fraudulent or suspicious activity or for accounts dormant for a lengthy period of time with minimum balance

• We may need to charge applicable fees to Card accounts which have been in dormant status for a lengthy period of time or forfeit the (minimum) available funds therein

• If we are unable to charge any applicable fees on the Card due to the fact that there are no balance of funds on your Card Account for that particular month, then we reserve the right and shall be entitled to retrospectively charge those said applicable fees upon or once your Card Account has been topped up and has sufficient balance of funds

• We may at any time vary, revise, change, amend, withdraw, substitute or remove any of the terms and conditions governing the use of the Card. Any such amendment shall be effective twenty-one (21) days after the revised terms have been posted on the BigPay Mobile App or our website

• The Card is non-transferable and shall only be used exclusively by you as the Cardmember

• The Card is valid for three (3) years as stated on the face of the Card Please read our Privacy Policy and the product Terms and Conditions (Cardholder Agreement) before you register for the Card

**Note: we may ask for your personal documents from time to time and you must provide the same to us as part of our ongoing customer verification and due diligence process

5. What if I fail to fulfill my obligations?

• We will not process any applications for the Card or mail or deliver your Card to you if the Joining Fee has not been paid by you or received by us (unless the said fee is waived by us at our sole discretion)

• Loss and theft of Card and disclosure of PIN to an unauthorized person (including delay in reporting the same to BigPay Malaysia or blocking the same yourself via the BigPay Mobile App) may lead to an unauthorized use of Card and monetary loss to Cardmember, of which BigPay Malaysia will not be liable nor accountable for to the Cardmember

• Insufficient funds in account may lead to inability of the Cardmember to effect a transaction, make payment or perform cash withdrawals using the Card

• If you contravene, breach or fail to abide by any of the Terms and Conditions of the Card, BigPay Malaysia shall be entitled to block, suspend, revoke and/or terminate your Card

• In addition to the events of default by you, the Cardmember, we may at our sole absolute discretion, limit, block, suspend or terminate (without refunding any balance) your use of the Card and Card Account if we detect any unusual, irregular, suspicious, fraudulent, or unauthorized activity on your Card and/or Card Account; or suspect misuse of your Card and/or Card Account; or there is a contravention; non-adherence or breach by you to any of the provisions of the terms and conditions governing the Card

6. What are the major risks?

If your Card is lost or stolen. There are two ways to block your Card immediately at any time to prevent unauthorized transaction:

• Log in to the BigPay Mobile App and select the FREEZE function to enable the card to be blocked; or

• Call 1300 13 3388 (local) or +603 7662 9200 overseas to have the card blocked.

7. Who is liable for unauthorized transactions due to loss or theft?

You, the Cardmember shall be liable for such unauthorised transaction before we receive written notification of the loss or theft. We may at our absolute discretion, resolve that your liability be limited to RM250 provided you have not acted fraudulently and have substantial evidence to prove otherwise.

We shall not be responsible and shall not be liable for any transaction as a result of the loss or theft or misuse of the Card, occurring twenty-four (24) hours prior to you reporting the loss or theft of the Card to us.

8. Where can I get further information on the Card?

If you have any enquiries, please contact us via the Mobile App at the “Help” section, BigPay Malaysia’s Customer Care Team at 1300 13 3388 (local)/ +603 7662 9200 (overseas) anytime between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday or visit our website at

NOTE: The information provided in this Product Disclosure Sheet is issued as at January 2018 and will be valid until the next periodical review.


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