Frequently Asked Questions


Making a transfer

Bank Transfer

How long will my bank transfer take?

This depends on where you're sending to and the transfer method. You can find out how long your transfer will take by checking it in your BigPay app. From Payments, tap International Bank Transfers, choose where you're sending to, enter an amount and we'll show you the fee.

How much will my bank transfer cost?
Local Bank Transfer
We charge S$1 per transfer to Singaporean bank accounts.

International Bank Transfer
This depends on where you're sending to. You can easily find out the cost of your transfer directly in your BigPay app. From Payments, tap 'International Bank Transfers', select the country you're sending to, enter an amount and we'll show you the fee.

At what exchange rate will BigPay transfer my money?

You can check the exchange rate we'll use directly in your BigPay app. We'll use the exchange rate at the time you paid for your transfer.

What are my transfer limits?

Transfer to Singapore
S$1,000 daily and not more than S$5,000 monthly.

Transfer to other countries
S$5,000 daily and not more than S$10,000 monthly.

Transfer issues and refunds


Why was my transfer rejected?

The recipient bank had rejected your transfer because you've entered the wrong recipient bank details. Please check before trying again. If it's still rejected, please chat with us so we can find out what's wrong.

I've sent the wrong amount

We process your transfer instantly after you've paid. So we cannot always stop the transfer or make a refund because the money is already on its way to the recipient. Please reach out to your recipient to resolve the issue.

Recipient hasn't received the money I sent

We gave you an estimated date for when your recipient can expect to receive the money. You can find it out by tapping on the transaction. If your recipient hasn't received the money after that date, please chat with us in-app so we can look into it for you.

How long does my transfer refund take?

Some refunds are instant, some may take up to 5 working days. If you have not received your refund on the 6th working day, please chat with us in-app.



How many people can I save in My Favourites?

10 recipients. You can always edit your list of saved recipients to add new ones when you reac the maximum.

Will I get AirAsia BIG points for bank transfers?

No, you'll only receive AirAsia BIG points when you spend with your BigPay card.