Frequently Asked Questions

BIG Points

What are BIG Points?

These points are what you earn when you spend with BigPay. You can redeem your points for discounted AirAsia flights and other rewards on

I did not get any BIG Points for this transaction

You will get your points in 5 to 7 working days after the merchant has settled the payment. That's when the transaction status changes from 'Pending' to 'Settled'.

If you've not received your points by then, chat with us in-app and we will look into it.

How do I earn BIG Points?

For every S$5 spent with your BigPay card, you get 1 BIG Point!

We do not reward points when you send money to friends on BigPay and any bank transfers you make.

Will my BIG Points expire?

Yes, your points will expire after 24 months from the date we reward the points.

How do I link my BigPay account to my BIG Loyalty account?

Tap on the points icon on the top right corner of your app. Tap 'Sync your BIG Points' and enter your login details to link both accounts.


What are the benefits of using BigPay on AirAsia?

Travelling with BigPay has never been better as you'll get exclusive access to AirAsia sales and more!