Frequently Asked Questions


Top up

My account

How do I add money to my account?

1. Tap '+' on your Home screen
2. Enter an amount
3. Add or select your top-up source
4. Enter your payment details and you're done!

What's the maximum amount I can have in my account?

S$5,000 at any one time.

Is there a top-up limit?

You can top up a maximum of S$4,999 at one go, and your account balance cannot exceed more than S$5,000 at any time.

For credit cards, you can only top up a maximum of S$4,999 monthly.

What credit or debit card can I use to top up BigPay?

Any credit or debit card as long as it is Visa or Mastercard. For now, we do not accept American Express. All top-ups are free but if you choose to top up with a foreign card, your card issuer may charge you a fee.

Why did my top up fail?

You have most likely:

● Tried to top up more than S$4,999 at any one time.
● Exceeded your S$5,000 wallet limit.
● Entered the wrong card or bank details.

Please try again. If it continues to fail, chat with us and we will help you.



Is my money safe with BigPay?

Absolutely! We're regulated as a Major Payment Institution by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) so we comply to financial regulations.

How do I remove my card details on BigPay?

Go to Settings, tap 'Top up sources', select the card you want to remove and tap 'Delete'. Make sure you have at least one other top up source in your account before removing any cards from your account.

My card is blocked - I entered the wrong card PIN

Once you've wrongly entered your card PIN 3 times, we'll block your card for 24 hours to keep it secure. If you've forgotten your card PIN, simply set a new one in your app.

Change profile details


Updating my profile

From Settings, tap 'My profile' > 'Personal details' and you'll be able to update your phone number, email, preferred name and shipping address.

How do I change my mobile number?

Simple! From the Settings tab in your app, tap ​'My profile' > 'Personal details' and enter your new mobile number. We'll send you an OTP to your new mobile number to verify. Enter the OTP and you're done!

Closing my account


I want to close my BigPay account

We're sad to see you go but just know we don't charge you any fees annually or to keep your account active. And if you're planning to travel abroad, you'll save lots of money on exchange rates and AirAsia flights!

Still not convinced? Then please chat with us to close your account.