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Finally a card for travellers

If you’re about to travel, getting a BigPay card is your next best decision. Say goodbye to money changers: the BigPay card gives you the real exchange rates, anywhere in the world. On top of that, you’ll earn BIG Points on every payment - making it easy to redeem cheaper (and even free!) flights on AirAsia.


BigPay is completely free to get and free to keep. And we give you the real exchange rates, with no markup fee.


Know exactly what’s the exchange rate when you land in a different country, and for every transaction you make.


Not sure where your card is? Freeze it right from the app. Plus, our support team is available 24/7 to help you.

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Frequent travellers’ questions

Where can I use BigPay?


You can use your BigPay card anywhere that accepts Mastercard or Visa. That's over 40 million merchants worldwide! Unfortunately, you can't use your BigPay card in North Korea and Israel.


What's the exchange rate when I use my card abroad?

Good news for you! We give you the Mastercard or Visa exchange rate without adding any fees - that's the real exchange rate. Check out the latest Mastercard rates here or Visa rates here - enter 0% for bank fee and your card currency.


When making a payment

Always pay in the local currency. This allows us to use the Mastercard or Visa foreign exchange rates for any payments you make overseas.


After you've made a payment

You can check the rate by tapping on the transaction. If the payment is pending, we will show you the rate at the time of purchase. However, just note that the final rate charged will be the rate on the day the merchant settles the payment.​


Do I need to let you know I’m travelling abroad?


Nope. Just use your BigPay card as usual overseas. We give you Mastercard's or Visa's exchange rate with no charges on top. Enjoy your travels!